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Hey JI!

Great blog. And you're right...what a marathon that was capped off by a game winner.

I'm still up savoring the moment and listening to this song a Lakers fan did about Kobe's magic broken finger. I left a link to it for you to hear. It's some great stuff man!

"You Ain't Kobe" - http://bit.ly/89dqYt

Great blog. lmao
Would have paid good money to be there.
Great to see you again.

Roland Lazenby

OMG John, that is a great blog man! I tweeted this to my Lakers pals and hope to get this spreaded!

Great blog. I came away w/ 2 thing: 1) I'm glad you and everyone else aboard the plane are safe, and 2) next to being a Laker, you have the greatest job in the world!

Kobe is simply awesome.. His the best right now..

Nice writing!

Really appreciate the insights John. Keep it up! Thank you!

Steve (the kidney guy)

Great blog! love reading it every update. Go Lakers!!

Was Donaghy reffing on that charge...I mean block on Bogut that gave Kobe a 3 point play?

Is Spero going to make the broadcast tonite in New Jersey?...I heard him on CBS doing the UCLA-Notre Dame game from South Ben...I don't know if he's gonna make it, considering the weather in all in Jersey.
Anyway, good insightful blog.


That is completely crazy!

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