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what about Fisher? he's clutch enough to take the last shot too, isnt he?

When I was watching last night's game I was wondering if Kobe should've been playing at all. I know he's currently going two and a half years without missing a game but did he really accomplish anything by playing? He took 24 shots (made 7) and those shots could've been passed around to guys like Gasol/Bynum/Odom/Artest etc. Despite the fact Utah was favored in this game, the Lakers were in it and I wonder if a healthy Kobe or no Kobe at all (at least for this game) would've beaten Utah.

Definitely agree...

You need a player who is able to close games and I don't see any on the Lakers roster outside of Kobe of course, that can be that go to guy.

I'm really surprised he played against Utah? And at the very least I was surprised to see him take that many shots? I would've expected him to be more of a facilitator given the circumstances.

Couldn't disagree more. The Lakers would definitely contend without Kobe. In fact I think it would bring the best out of the triangle. Kobe often dominates the ball way too much thus when he does have an off game it impacts the team worse than it would most. It would force the Lakers to use their strength (inside game, Gasol and Bynum) that much more. No one can hang with the Lakers inside. Odom would be more aggressive and be able to utilize his talents that much more. If that were more of the focus instead of 'getting Kobe his shots' the Lakers would run away with it all this year. They still might but I think the absence of Kobe wouldn't hurt them.

Steve- Exactly! The 25-30 shots that wouldn't be taken by Kobe would be spread around much higher % more efficient options!!!

Obviously, in closing seconds, Kobe can get off shots and our other current wing players probably couldn't.

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