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John, Gasol is most versatile offensive big man ever to play in the NBA. He can go inside, outside, run the floor,and create off the dribble with vision to find the open man.

Sorry, John- the season did start a few weeks back. Regardless of Gasol’s situation, the Lakers are going to get everyone’s best shot. It’s like when you play your older brother. You are going to run faster, jump at everything, push, scratch and elbow every chance you get to. The only difference now is that the Lakers have one more weapon for the wars- and that’s exactly what it is going to be. In reality, the Lakers need to make another “Gasol” type of trade and steal a quick, up-tempo point guard (ie, Brandon Jennings)

You couldn't be more wrong K Braynt!
with the exception of a few teams , like denver and houston ,who know how to double kobe at the right time and still agressively cover the rest of the flor.....most everybody justs quits,mostly because the refs are screwing them right and left......so they just wait for the next night to give it their best shot against the clippers,or some other scrub team ,were they know they will get a fair shake,and effort won't be a futile endevoer!

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