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John you just got what i want to say, and definitely the Lakers has no gas left at the begining of the third, they looks tired and have no movement at all. Nice analysis. good job.

John, I agree with your review on the NBA looking at financial gain first versus its ultimate impact on the game itself. Somehow, institutions like the NBA, MLB etc. seem to have lost face and reality that the game is what the fan follows and understands . The average fan also understands the scam that is being played out with MLB playoffs in late October 30 degree temps and the last 48 hr. whirlwind for the Lakers.
What bothers me is that reporters never question this in their columns or TV reports!
Reality is that most reporters have never played the game at this level and do not truly understand the inner challenges that face athletes, coaches, staff, etc.
Your reporting helps open this window.
However, one bit of constructive criticism for you... during your radio half time report last night you indicated that "the Nuggets are not a very good offensive team....and are only shooting 45% for the half as an example, thus the Lakers have committed to many fouls and FT attempts as a result". John, maybe some altitude issues here?....Nuggets are not a good offensive team????...they are one of the highest scoring teams in the league! 45% for the half????mot NBA teams would love to average 45% for the game!!
anyway, thanks for sharing the inside info with the fans, but please stick to reporting and not coaching.

Ireland, you really think the fans of Denver felt cheated last night? We all know they'll take a win over Los Angeles (and probably prefer a lopsided one at that) any day.

Denver and their fans can enjoy this win, but when the two teams are more equivalently scheduled come playoff time, we'll see more of what we've seen for years now.

LA > DEN (again)

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