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I think Gregg Popovich will agree to Phil Jackson..

I don't see a lot of comments on here so just wanted to let you know that we appreciate your insights to the team John! Keep them coming!

What Phil Jackson had said are all true. Games are really decided on the final minutes of the game. And they have the most accurate player in the NBA on the situations like that. Kobe Bryant, no doubt, he is an outstanding player and deadly in every range. Together with the other 5 players, I can see that Jackson somehow knew that they can repeat it this year.

I agree with you to an extent. The preseason games are for 1) Experimentation- like you said and 2) To play games in places (Ontario or Vegas) to increase the appeal of the team.

However, a very good coach once told me, "Dont just practice but practice perfectly". The Laker must remember that they have the bulls-eye; that every team, from the Clevelands to the Memphis', are going to be gunning for them. So, if I were Phil, I would use this time to ensure that every member has their timing down- especially with a new player and the increased presence of Shannon Brown.

Phil, if you're reading this: listen to what Mr. Miyagi told The Karate Kid. He told him that wasn't just about "wax-on, wax-off" but practicing your early steps to victorious journey.

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