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Odom would be a total FOOL not to return to LA. Buss offered him a great deal, Lo turns it down..........his loss. have fun in Miami LO, i will feel terrible watching you get booted out of the first round of the playoffs.......

Quite simply...Lakers are a DEEP CHAMPIONSHIP team with Lamar, and they are NOT without him. The entire dimension and quality of the team changes COMPLETELY if he is not on the team. I'll go as far as saying the Artest pick-up, in lieu of Ariza, means nothing if they can't sign Lamar. I dont understand how the Lakers, or any true fan doesnt see Lamar's importance..we HAVE to sign him, period! And where's Kobe in all this...where's the leadership? Think about it...the ONLY thing that really matters for Kobe (and Jerry Buss) is Winning Championships. Kobe's legacy is on the line...and he has all the money in the world. If I were Kobe, I would tell the Lakers I'd take 18 million instead of 25 million (or whatever it is), allowing them to easily resign Lamar, and maybe even add another quality vet out there. Heck, even taking 2 million less per season would do the trick to get Lamar to sign!!!

John, thoughtful, straight forward NO HYPE piece. Good insight on Schwartz. It is not fair that we fan bash him, If Lamar is making some of his own poorly thought out decisions. The Lakers interest in the Italian league star forward is no coincidence. If they sign him, look for them to lock up a big strong defensive PF and officially cut Lamar loose.

I think TA misjudged his value and the Lakers, and I feel Lamar has done the same. It would be silly for Lamar to assume the Lakers will wait for ever. They cannot and will not.

Maybe now that Lamar has a ring, he's not as hungry anymore and now he's looking to see if anyone will pay him what he thinks he's worth. Trouble is what he thinks he's worth and what everyone else thinks he's worth are two different things.

I agree the lakers have to sign Odom in order to be a contender in the playoffs. In the other hand Odom is made wrong decisions by not signing the contract when it was in the table.i don't agree with the comment that kobe has to take a cut in order to sign Odom kobe has earned his money by the way he plays basketball.

Lamar to resign with Lakers for 4 years, $40 million: http://blacksportsonline.com/index/2009/07/bso-exclusive-lamar-odom-to-re.html

Didn't you say earlier that you "know" both sides haven't spoken?


Maybe bso knew something you didn't.

Let's keep a couple things in perspective. Lamar is a different cat. While we all can say he sometimes doesn't play to his potential, he does play hard and sometimes runs hot and cold emotionally. If the Lakers stiff him with a lowball offer (6/7 mil for even 4 years), we run the danger of him coming back as damaged goods.
I hope the lakers offer $32 fully guaranteed 4 years at 8 million per year. That way everyone comes out a victor: Lamar gets extra "security" of a fourth year guaranteed and the Lakers save some money in the luxury tax. Somehow, some way, lets get to a "win-win" in this negotiation so we can win & win for years to come. Go Lakers.

Fake_Black Mamba, are you serious about the "where's Kobe in all this?" comment. I heard him in a radio interview saying that he wants Lamar to come back, but he has to do what's important for him and his family. If you watched Sportscenter last night, he said he was optimistic about Lamar coming back.

In terms of taking less money, while athletes have done it in the past, who are we to ask Kobe to take less than what he's earned. That's like me walking up to my boss and telling him I'd work for less.

I hear what you're saying, but remeber that LO is from NY and part of his desire to sign with is to return to the eastcoast and so that he could be closer to his family.

I'm not saying that he's going to sign with the Heat, but that is part of what would lure him to the M.I.A.

Do you find it strange at all that none of the other players from the Lakers have spoken out about this? Lamar hasn't said a word? Everything is just non stop rumors at this point with no solid information from any side. I was at the Shot From the Top event as well and it seemed like Fisher tried to make the plea but stopped himself short. What should we take from all this?

actually, the teams two captains, fisher and kobe, spoke up. fisher said he wants to come back.

stanley clay. smclay@sbcglobal.net I feel that Lamar should stay with the Laker's Oraganazation.. I think that He's a great fit for the team. I just hope that the powers that be wiil reach an agreement before the deadline.. S.C.

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I love this game. I really do. I reckon lamar and kobi can win this year also. It all depends how Miami will play. Wade needs another superstar alongside him.come-on hit!

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