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The LA RIOT SQUAD rule for calling Becks on his part-time-ee-ness. David is payed beyond full time and at the expense of the team being unable to hire his replacement in his absence (or a full team for the last two years - but we’re getting there…)

David is a douche for being unprofessional for taunting a fan especially after he tells Donovan he was unprofessional for saying anything outside of the locker room (which he was.)

Tim Lieweke is the biggest douche of all for bringing David here in the first place and trading away most of our team to get David and keep Donovan when he’d most likely never seen a soccer game EVER. (And blaming Alexi Lalas for his mistakes.) Two players does not a team make, and a top scorer and assister cannot play keeper and defense simultaneously. Even Zidane can’t do that.

I can’t blame David for thinking Lieweke had any clue about soccer when 90% of the world’s population does. I also can’t blame David for wanting to play at the top of his profession when, at his age, his next injury could be career-ending.

I can’t blame David for loving this game as much as he does and wanting the rest of the world to love it as much.

I CAN blame David for not understanding that THIS IS LOS ANGELES. We are not star struck here. We work with them, we see them every day. You, David, are no bigger than any other of the hundreds of other stars that live, work, take their kids to school, eat at restaurants, or shop at Trader Joe’s in this town. WE DON’T CARE. (I can also blame Lieweke for that as well.)

I CAN blame David for not buying out the rest of his contract when he discovered what a douche Tim Lieweke is, or realizing what damage he's doing to the Galaxy.

Thank you David, I think your heart was in the right place. Everyone in MLS plays better when you are on the pitch and not mailing it in. HOWEVER, you owe LARS, the Galaxy, the Galaxy FO, all Galaxy fans, and ALL FANS across the country who bought tickets to LA away games JUST TO SEE YOU PLAY before you decided to stay in Milan for half the MLS season, AN APOLOGY.

I think it is great that AEG is obviously tired of him as well. You don't sneek banners that size in and unfurl them without someone looking the other way, and wanting those messages to get out.

I have been watching soccer from all around the world for 20 years. I have been watching Beckham ever since his halfway line goal with ManU. I know how he thinks and I know that Beckham only moved to L.A. to become a MOVIE STAR. I know that was his dream, albeit naive. He thought that his friendship with Tom Cruise will got him movie deals, but he never realized that he is a terrible actor. Even in reality TV, in SnoopDogg's Fatherhood he was quiet, boring, and unimpressive. What he wants is the spotlight and not the SOCCER spotlight he wanted the OSCAR'S spotlight. He is no different than any other aspiring actor who moves to L.A. in search of his dream. Now he realizes that it is a very difficult industry and he just wants to go back to Europe where he is the true mainstream star.

If you allow people to become your fan, and you get a fan, does that fan have the ability to contact you from email?

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