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I dont know yet how i feel about this deal. Artest is a bunch of attitude that i think can disrupt the laker's chemistry that they have now. The same chemistry that won a title this past year.

Can the lakers affors to have him in technical fould trouble during the playoffs? What if he "goes off" at the wrong time?

Ariza was/ is low key. He flowed with the game and his teammates. What if Artest busts out in a Keyshawn Johnson and declares, "Gimme the damn ball!"

I gues we will see this time next year!

Artest is shakey and had domestic problems last time in cali!! I hope he blends well and be able too keep his comoposure with all the rest of the hollyweirdos at the game because playing at staples is different from other areanas we sell out seats.. People of la will hate you if u mess up our chances likee KARL MALONE and Gary Payton came and ride for free hoping for a KOBE SHOW!!!!

great insight, john! i'm in love with this deal for the lakers. as much as i loved what trevor brought to the table, when you have a player of ron artest's caliber who wants to play in L.A. and help win championships, you just can't pass it up.

I know Artest is good but the team chemistry worries me...although he seemed to have no problem in Houston. I'm very sad about Ariza if it's true. I loved his play, his attitude, his work ethic...he had amazing upside and he's an LA kid. Basically I hate change and Ariza will be missed.

I loved Ariza he was Artest in a younger and not crazy way. I can't blame the Lakers though.They did the best economical move to sign a very good player plus it leaves room to sign Lamar. Ariza's agent screwed this up! he tried to play hard ball thrugh the media and he messed with the wrong owner! when you think about it kobe's window is closing and this deal makes alot of sense.

Dr. Buss has always been willing to spend to bring a ring to LA. I'm sure he would have done it to keep all the pieces to try and defend their title. Then again no one is going to force him to spend more than neccesary. Shaq tried to do it and he was traded. As much as I love Ariza he's no Shaq. Now getting Artest for the same amount of money is almost as big of a deal as getting Gasol last year. Most GMs would agree that other than his age Artest is a better player and demanding of a bigger salary. But here is Artest taking a pay cut to win rings. If Ariza had made that same sacrifice now I'm sure the Lakers would have rewarded him later. Look at all the former Lakers who stay around with the team. I hope Ariza is happy where ever he goes, but I think he will end up regretting it.

I'm devastated! Really! In the pit of my stomach! As a lifelong Laker fan, I cannot imagine having to cheer for Artest! I was thrilled with the camaraderie that was so evident at the celebration. Finally, a group of guys that really liked each other. And I loved having local guys on our team. I'm sorry that Ariza left for what is apparently little more than he would get here, but I'm even sorrier that the Lakers caved on this trade!

Ariza basically left for the same money. David Lee is an idi_t. Lesson #1, you don't bad mouth the organization and negotiate through the media. Shaq tried it with his "PAY ME" rants a few years back and got his but shipped out. Now he desperately wants back in. Thank God Andrew Bynum had more sense than Ariza, when the same d_mb agent tried the same negotiation tactic last year.

I feel bad for Ariza because he would have developed better here than any place else. Thanks Trevor... Good Luck! We'll miss you at next year's parade!!

Great countermove by Kupchak, I love this trade. Ariza rejected the MLE, so we upgrade to Artest for the same amount of money as Ariza would have gotten. And there should be zero worry for "team chemistry"... the guy wants to win a championship just as bad as everyone else. Ireland's story makes it clear, he'll do whatever it takes to get one, especially on the Lakers. Trevor came up big for us this year, but I still miss Turiaf more.

David Lee is twice dumb. Not only does Trevor sign for the same amount in a sub-par city with an injury-plagued team, but he signs for 5 years instead of 3. If he truly is an up-and-coming talent, he should want a shorter deal to enable another big payday down the line. I can't begin to say on how many levels David Lee failed his client.

An article the other day in the OCR posed the question whether Ariza wanted to trade money for a title: It looks to me like he said no to both.

Excellent article on Yahoo sports explaining David Lee's failure:


Now that the Lakers had acquired Ron Artest and did re-signed Lamar Odom, another championship is not impossible for the them. Their bench is deep and their coach (Kobe Bryant) is really very good.

I think that is a great move, Ron can contribute both offensively and defensively, I believe that Ron is much of a all around player than Trevor.. Bringing Ron to the team is just like bringing another title for the Lakers..

Great countermove by Kupchak, I love this trade. Ariza rejected the MLE, so we upgrade to Artest for the same amount of money as Ariza would have gotten.

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