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John, very nice article, love your stuffs about the Lakers

he is waiting and hoping for a better offer from the Blazers on Friday...He is in for a rude awakening...
say hello to Ariza on your way out....

how about 2 years for 21 mil? he will be what 31 yrs.. he will be able to command more cash... after this depending if they win 3 crowns in a row!!



john keep up the good work...

right on John...good points.

SoCal transplant now living in Oakland. Always enjoyed your work!


It's a business decision both ways. According to some reports the Miami deal is almost the same as Lakers when you factor state taxes. As a Lakers fan, I would like Lamar to stay but if the deals are similar take Miami and call the old man on his bluff.
Lamar had a great season in Miami with Wade and has a house there (settle easy).
Lamar, do what is best for your family and don't listen to guys like John Ireland who technically works for the Lakers. Don't get me wrong I think John does great at what he does but this is Lamar’s call. If the Lakers is the better deal take it but if Miami is the better deal or similar, take it and run.

Hey like ron artest said (. At the end of the day if u cany live on 33 million then u cant live. ) lamar dnt listen to greedy bastards like ur agent theyre in ut for money not for a championship u on the other hand can win another win. Better chances in LA then anywhere else

Wake up Odom, if you are about rings, sign the damn contract and lets get ready for next season. If you want your career to take a turn for the worse, turn down Buss's
offer and that is what is going to happen.
How soon you forget... you used to be a Clipper!!!

I recently bought a four door 1995 Chevrolet Blazer which I am pretty happy with so far. On the side there is a tag that says LT. I have seen other Blazers like mine with an LS or nothing at all on the side. What do these things stand for and how many different Blazer sub-styles are there?

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