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I totally agree but i beleive that with the three-point shooters that Orlando has I think that all the Lakers have to do is to protect the perimeter and they will be fine. Let Dwight Howard have the series of his life but if he does not get support from his shooters he will get tired, hes a big man. Lakers in 6

Great analysis, John. Spot on. The one thing I think all Laker fans are anxious to see is 1) How will Andrew fair against Superman? 2) Will "Candy Man" Odom give us performances in the finals like he did the last two games? Let's hope the gummy bears kick in towards the end of the first quarter when he enters the game and the sugar hi lasts until post game interviews.

The Jameer Nelson issue is very interesting. If he is healthy enough to make more than a token appearance, he will still be rusty, and as we have seen with Andrew Bynum, you cannot just step into a key NBA game after not playing for three or four months. Its taken Bynum almost 20 games to get to where he is now.

Rafer Alston is a journeyman, average NBA player, but Orlando would be better off with him than giving key minutes to a much more talented but rusty star like Nelson, who is likely no more than 50% recovered.

Also, as you say, the Lakers' depth and style of defense, and in my mind especially their perimeter defense, will be key, and I have said Lakers in five.

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