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Great points as usual. It's great to get an insiders perspective. Keep up the good work.

I'm torn - I want this to be over quickly yet I'm bummed that there are only a few games left for the season.

A "super serious" Kobe is just what the Lakers need, and he's going to stay that way until the series is won. He can smile and joke for several months AFTER James Worthy "hands over" the Gold bowl.

I think tonight's game set a tone that will continue. This series reminds me of the last several World Series, especially Boston v Colorado. Orlando is not one of the top five or six teams in the NBA, but got hot at the end and won an Eastern Conference of weak teams.

Kobe's intensity and all-around game, combined with over-all team defense, will mean a short, successful series.

Gotta love the lakers.. though I think that in gthe past years they've had their share of bad decisions, game-wise. don't you think?

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