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Right on, John. As I've said from the the start of the series, PERIMETER DEFENSE is the key, and the TEAM has to play D like they did in game one.

Re your last point, it's more than just Gasol. Last night, Gasol, Odom and Bynum played 95 minutes between them, and took a total of 23 shots. Howard committed four personals defending ghosts in the paint. The Laker big men need to shoot more, get Howard moving around more, coming out from the basket if possible, but at least having to actually defend more underneath. Only good things can happen if they do so: shooters actually scoring, and maybe Howard picking up more fouls, maybe some early fouls, and maybe playing less than the 45 minutes he has averaged over the last two games.

Looks like your the only one with a Brain, where all the Faker fans that were calling a sweep. And stop making excuses about the officiating in game 3 as the Lakers got 10 bad calls to 1 in game 2. Game 2 was one of the worst officiated 4th quarters I have ever seen.

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