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Congrats to the entire Laker family for a fabulous season. Watching Kobe this season was amazing - seeing a great player improve his entire game to an incredible new level. Also deserving credit for the team's success is the previously much-maligned Mitch Kupchak, who made key player moves putting the finishing touches on what became a championship team.

As to Phil, hopefully he will stay out his contract and be back next year. The candidates you mentioned all leave me asking "Who else is there?" Like maybe influencing Gregg Popovich or Rick Adelman to make a move.

While I hope ownership can find the $$$ to keep both Ariza and Odom, the coaching position is also not an economy position, and if an established, winning coach is interested in moving, that is where the money should go.

The answer to that last question - "[not] if the Lakers might win one more title, but how many" depends more on who the coach is than anything else. Don't forget the 2004-5 season when Phil was retired.

Great job all season, John, on 710, on your ESPN morning TV spots, and on Laker coverage.

If Kobe really wants more rings he should consider a salary cut to pay more money to Ariza and Odom, ala Tom Brady. With a move like that he probably makes a lot more money in endorsements than he gives up in salary and if they win another championship it means even that much more in endorsements and in image polishing.

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You're right Jackson stay for one more season atleast, and they keep Odom as well.. This team is going to be tough to beat with the addition of Artest..

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