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Yeah, Los Angeles is like the rich Uncle who seems to always touch gold. That city doesn't know how good it has it.

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Kobe will be the MVP again in the 2011 Nba All Star Game..

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Interesting post about 2011 NBA All Star Game Coming to Staples Center!!!
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I Really Like This Game.

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about time!i think the football stadium will be fun. thanks for sharing

Finally L.A. gets some love from the NBA. Love it. I think it's finally time!

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I bought tickets for a concert at the staples center and they say limited view?
My seat is SECTION-332 ROW-14 SEAT-18 how bad is the view? Does anybody know?

Staples center is nice for hosting all NBA games.Having all the first class facilities,Staples is best centers among all other basket ball centers.
Good to hear this news.Now we will have all games of NBA in the best centers.

Does anyone know when exactly NBA All Star game will be played in Dallas, at the Cowboys' new football stadium?

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