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Hi John,
Great blog. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop behind the scenes with the Lakers. We really appreciate your coverage of the games, your show, your blog and now - as if you didn't have anything else to do - your tweets!


John, love following your tweets during the game. After game 2 i was convinced that the lakers weren't going to get a win in denver in this series. I still dont think they can win game 4 on monday (they have to be worn down after that one). I wanted to ask your opinion about what has been going on in the national media. You have been covering the game and not watching abc/espns coverage. Granted you work for the network so its hard for you to be impartial but the ballwashing of lebron james has reached disgusting proportions. Compounded by the constant criticism of lakers for a team who doesnt bring the effort consistently, doesnt have a leader like magic johnson, is soft, is rotating too many pgs etc. Could it be possible that Houston were that good? they did win 20 plus games in a row without Yao Ming the year before. THe national media such as Magic, Wilbon and Barry who all picked the Nuggets before the game need to finally give this Lakers team credit for winning when they need it most. So what would you call that, oh yah thats right this team has HEART. Thanks for taking the time to DM me on twitter by the way, its not everyday i get to hobnob with a celebrity!


Hey, Ireland good stuff. Always been a sports fan especially Lakers and ive recently started listening to 710espn.U guys help me get through my work day especially after a laker playoff lost... keep it up finally started up a twiiter account following u maybe mace defenitley not A...ha ha....all we need is kobe driving more lakers are more effective that way.....Twitter LAERIC

Great post John, as usual! Is there any video and/or audio of D. Fish's huddle talk? I got cold chills reading it...I would love to see it.

BTW - I agree with Johnnybarry above...I don't think there is anyone outside of LA that isn't a Laker hater. The networks - ABC, ESPN & TNT, all need to practice some impartiality. I have to turn the sound on the TV off because I just can't stand all the love for everyone but the Lakers and no respect for at all for the Lakers - Once in a while for KB but barely. It's really gettin bad.

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