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I love reading your blogs. Even though I know you love the Lakers, you are always very honest and see both sides of everything. Keep it up. Love the radio show too.

Hey John,
Nice work on getting the plog out soon. I was glad that the game was on TNT, the best post game show. Ernie, Kenny and Charles were very funny and made sense. I had some comments that I will send an e-mail to you and Mason.

Your picture at the top kind of resembles agent Smith from The Matrix. You've probably seen by now, but Kobe didn't elbow Artest in the next, and there's two angles to prove it.

DAMN! The Lakers got beat like they stole something! They got beat like red headed step kids! The Rockets did the rodeo on them! They got pimp slapped in front of their mom & girl friend! They took it like a broad up the anus! "HEY KOBY TELL ME HOW MY ASS TASTE"!

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