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Gotta admitt I'd rather see the Lakers playing rockets instead of the blazers but only cause I didn't feel like listening to the media all over the country saying the Lakers can't win in portland. On the other hand, just as John has said we're gonna have to listen to all the garbage about the "Kobe stoppers" (Battie and Artest). It's nonsense, but we're gonna have to listen to it cause even though the media knows it nonsense it gives them something to talk about. How bout just playing the game!!!??????????

I think the Bulls-Celtics series is the best so far this year. I hate to say this (even though I am not rooting against bulls or celtics) but K.G. not playing in the series is making it very exciting to watch. I think if he was playing, Boston wins in 5 and the games wouldn't have been this close.

i think the rockets will give the lakers a series and i will comment on this more when the rockets win game one in staples center.

like i told you i was right you guys are going down in six dont underestimate the rockets their clicking on all cilindars. In your face big forhead ireland. And talk about something else than the sorry lakers on your radio show. GO ROCKETS GO FOR THE SWEEP.

oh you didn't know? the rockets are better with out yao!

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