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Enough of NOT blaming Kobe Bryant! He has stated that this is His team. He is the leader of the team. Yet he continues to pick and choose when and where he will take over the game. How about at the first tip-off? Make your presence known that from the top that the game has to go through number 24? This crap that he is ready is all crap. Take charge when youg et on the plane. Or when you leave the lockerroom at the Staples!. Be a leader. at every moment, not at the 6 minute mark of the fourth quarter.

If Derek Fisher don't come from the bench, I agree they will loose to Denver, may be they may even loose game seven with Rockets.

Yes, I'm glad we have home court on Sunday! I thought this series would be done by now. I watched every single game this season. It hurts to see this team play sometimes. They always keep you for entertainment. I know lots of people are embarass that the Lakers have no energy or heart to play, but I really do think the Lakers would like to win at home. This team has to find some consistency or somewhat rhythm. Are we expecting too much from this Lakers team??? I know basketball is a game of runs. I just didn't know it could get really ugly. I still have faith in L.A. to get it done!!Please tell Fisher not to wear the Headband!

All I can say about dealing with the present laker squad is to be patient.
I think the Lakers will win Game 7 the same way they did Game 5. I also think that Nuggets-Lakers series will definitely be 6 games and probably 7 games. Will the lakers have enough gas for Cleveland?

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