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A 7 game series is not waht the lakers need, if they win this series then have to play Orlando instead of Cleveland and are as tired as you say how will they contain Dwight Howard and all those shooters?

Hey John,
Great work as usual!

I would come out stronger with this line up:
Kobe, Jordan, Lamar, Drew & Pau - give the Nuggets hell for the firsy 5-7 minutes, then sit Jordan & Lamar or Drew & bring Trevor & Derek in, then they can still have Lamar, Drew & Jordan off the bench.

I hate to be the one saying I told you so but J.R. Smith got the game I was looking for. I think he is good for one game and that should be it. The Lakers should feel good the rest of the series. They took all Denver had to give to so far and the series is at 2-2. The Nuggets, especially Jones, Martin and J.R. went a little overboard but this is playoff basketball. Lakers need to toughen it up. By the way, the worst play so far in the playoffs is still the Rafer Alston slap on Eddie House's head.

Everybody are saying the Lakers have the better talent. Talent alone is not going to help them win the Western Finals or beyond. Need to mix in some intensity, hustle and aggressiveness. Our biggies don't have it and the Nuggets do have it. Houston and Denver do not have the same talent as the Lakers, but they give the Lakers fits with their intensity. Maybe as a team the Lakers are over rated. Fisher, Lamar, Sasha, Walton have disappeared. And Phil is playing with Bynum's head.
Time to give Farmar, Brown and Powell more playing time. They are not the most taleted but they hustle and they are tough.
Phil has the players punching a time clock. Each player has a script. They have a time slot when they go in and they have a certain amount of minutes. Would JR Roberts score 24 pts under Phil's substitution system? When is the last time anybody on the Bench Mob score 24 pts?

Go Lakers!

Ref: Nicole

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Come on john, of all the people in the world,at least you should know whats going on out there. NBA is taking the lakers to the seventh game and then on to the finals, so they can make money. Whoever watches the games, I mean people like you John and dont see whats going on, I totally believe are on NBA's payroll.

John in sd steve in la Just wishin we can meet Cleveland now the magic scares me abit. Ps thanks for the wclassic tics Viking pete

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