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Well said. Great interview with AC Green. Most analysts seem to swing decidedly with a win or a loss. Before last nights game, the Lakers were in trouble, horrible, etc. Last night after the game, the Lakers are great, multi-talented, championship caliber, etc...no wonder the fans in LaLa land tend to panic with a loss.

Keep up the good work! Keep Tweeting too!

Brilliant commentary and it's true, the lakers know when they need to turn it on. They are smart and conserving energy. Go Lakers!!08-09 Champs!!

Nice work John. I've heard a lot about Lakers flipping the switch the past few days on 710. I've been a fan of the pistons the past few years and I can tell from experience that flipping the switch can take you only so far. Sometime, it's too late to turn on the switch and realise that you've been robbed already. I am not worried about Lakers in this series.. Don't sleep on Denver though. How about Billups.. 7 straight conference finals.
R.I.P. Chuck Daly

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