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I have enjoyed reading your blogs! It is what is. Lakers are in real series and it comes down to the wire. These are gut it out games no one will give up. This series might even go a game 7. I haven't seen these games in a long time!! It's like watching a scary movie with your hands over your face, but you peek who will step up! I just hope it's the Lakers who wins.

There has been so much talk about meaningless things in these playoffs. Everybody has been wondering about Andrew Bynum, but with no emphasis on anything other than contribution. Last night he was a major contributor defensivly until Lamar entered the game in the second quarter. Ariza was doing a great job forcing Melo to the baseline, where Gasol was cutting him off and traping him. They were able to do this becuase Bynum was a presence in the lane. When Bynum went to the bench, the very next defensive possession, lamar didn't roll to the lane when Gasol traped Melo at the baseline, and Kenyon Martin Stuffed one down, from that point on, they never tried trapping Melo, or forcing him to his left hand down the baseline. Thats what we should be talking about, Melo was 1-6 during that span, it's not a secret why he warmed up after that.

That's exactly what I was thinking after the game. I checked the box scores just to be sure. I can't find any line for Lakers that was better or worse than the Nuggets. I was just looking to see where the 3 point differential was that was the difference in the game. Anyways, good work on the blog and love listening to your show daily.

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