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Hey John,
Good to see that you are catching up to the new generation with blogs and twitter. Interesting tweets during the game. As I am writing this, Carmelo hit a clutch 3 for Denver to give them the lead 106-105 with one sec to go. Dallas is claiming that he was fouled before the shot as they had a foul to give. If there was no foul to give, that would not have been called a foul at that point in the game 99% of the time. Can the refrees look for intent before calling a foul in that situation? Cuban and Howard were very livid after the game. Since I was a pistons fan, I love Billups and he is tearing up the Dallas defense. It is very interesting to know that both teams shot almost 80 free throws in this game. So much for Lakers-Rockets being physical. I still think Lakers will wrap up the series in 6 games. Denver will be rested and waiting. The X-factor for Denver will be the play of Nene. The only thing that will be a problem for the Lakers will be the shooting of J.R. Smith. Not that he is a great player but he absolutely has no conscience and will take any shot anytime. Someone on ESPN mentioned during game 2 that Smith starts shooting right when he parks his car. lol. If they start falling, it would tilt a game in favor of Denver. I still like the Lakers in 6 against Denver.

The Lakers have established home court advantage again after losing game one. Wisdom says they will prevail in this series but I don't think they will beat Denver if they advance. I just like the team they have become with Billups. Do you think the Pistons want a redo?

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