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No question Steve-it seems as if you are one of the few in the media that got it right. Rick asked for it by calling the TO; Pete was playing it classy by having MB go to a knee before that ludicrous decision by RN.

Tom Miller

Mason, You are a frickin hypocritical moron. You couldn't look like more of an idiot with your comments.


Can you say HOMER... LOL you have your head so far up SC's AZZZZZ it's hilarious!!By the way you SUCK!!!

Tom Miller

There is absolutely no possible way you can say there was any "procedural football reason" that Carroll should have thrown a play action bomb there. Quit talking out of both sides of your mouth you moron!


You are an IDIOT! Neuheisel did nothing wrong, the game was still in play mathematically and USC had no business taking a knee. USC should have run the ball but instead Carroll acted like a jerk and spit in their face. What's wrong with you and Ireland, seriously? Think a little.


You are just another classless, USC homer...I lost any respect I previously had for Pete after that game. Jumping around like an excited little girl really was uncalled for...his players just followed his lead by starting that stuff on the field...they did the same thing in last year's Rose Bowl...


Hey Steve I always liked your show while I was living in L.A. Now I live in Texas and it's all U of Texas or TCU over here I can't stand it. Don't listen to some of these morons your right on cue.


"For every action there is a greater or equal reaction."

"The starting place for all of success is a burning desire."

Short-sighted Pete just gave UCLA the burning desire to succeed for many years to come. The Bruins wanted to become more competitive in time, but now Pete has lit the white-hot fire under their desire. The Trojans' 5 minutes of celebrating will cost them years of enemy incentive in return.

Why did Rick call time out?

Someone said, "Always compete!"


Good article, logical, concise. It is always harder to defend your position if you dominate others, and this is due to understandable (if not unfortunate) human jealousy.

Oh, and by the way I am in Nocal and have no horse in the USC/UCLA thing. If you want to see bad sportsmanship look at the Jim Harbaugh "handshake" with Tedford after losing to Cal, WOW big time karma.

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