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I understand what you just Michael Moore. But with only a handful of shameless liberal agitators out there (Keith Olbermann is one other big name, I think, maybe Rachel Maddow too, but not so pompous) to match the right Talking Heads, I think Moore does more good than damage. I hope the extremists do not carry the weight in policy debates, but in the world of 24 / 7 news and reality shows dominating the airwaves, we must take what they do.

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The worst kind of love is the one when you want someone but you know you can’t have them. Best wishes for you.

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I love this movie. This is one the fantastic film I ever seen. In this movie, You are able to find out lot special added by movie maker..

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Mmmm, looks absolutely delicious. I used to look forward to Caribbean black cake at weddings and other special events. Then I became a vegan, and that was the end of that. I'd love to sample this! Any chance you'd be willing to share the recipe? :)


It's probably an interesting movie that came out. But here is honestly my true opinion. Do all the movies have to be so evil now days, people need to come up with fun movies that are good for everyone to watch. I feel that way about internet marketing sometimes too, companies need to do there best with the work, and not skimp out on things.

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Do you think that really great movies are like great novels, that they tell a lot about the human condition and spirit

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Gosh, what an insane movie.

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Gosh its a weird movie title. I don't want to see it honestly.

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Once again, im not a fan of those types of movies.


I've seen this ad multiple times that's for sure. Don't want to see it though.

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The only thing that I don't like about it is the number of gruesome scenes that the movie has.

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I'm sorry the point of the movie is what? EVIL!

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As with much else in the world today, the pace of progress will depend on the US –the insufficient but still indispensable power.

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This movie is awesome. All the talk of the bloody scenes being to much is simply not true. I was LMAO

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I love this movie, actually to me is a complete guide to how survive a zombie attack, every advices and tips give in this movie is really useful, just take a look of the basic rules.

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do you think that most movies are superficial, that stuff never happens like it does in the movies.

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I love Zombieland :)Woody Harrelson is awesome. I've never seen any Michael Moore's movies, from what I read, his movies usually are political, so I'm really interested.

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