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Alan F

Let's see, good animated comedy is a family affair. Tyler Perry is genuinely funny and inventive. The Informant may be a victim of "praise" as today's John Q Ticketbuyer reads the comments of his fellow goers NOT reviewers. Love happens... to not be that entertaining. Megan Fox is just another bimbo without CGI robots and heaps of pyro and studios need to get a clue, buy a vowel or call a friend with their lifeline.


Love happens had fewer theaters. If these #'s are correct it will have the second best perscrren average among the new releases.
Jennifer's Body was a HUGE Flop just like Sorority row and the former had a lot more marketing so it is an even bigger lost.


Jennifer Aniston movie didn't have a big male lead. All of her box office hits have had a Bigger male star.


Hey Steve -

Way back in February you wrote a post on another site stating that these days Jennifer Aniston was selling more movie tickets than Brad Pitt. At the time Jennifer Aniston was in the hit ENSEMBLE movie "He's Just Not That Into You" and coming off a recent hit in "Marley & Me", which was based on a beloved book that sold over 5,000,000 copies. At that time I wrote a really long rebuttle pointing out the errors in your comments - one of which was that Aniston wasn't even main star of either of her two movies and that Marley & Me's marketing campaign featured the dog, Owen Wilson and very little Aniston, altough she did do the talk show/interview circuit for the film. At thee time I stated that in the end neither of Aniston's two movies would out-earn Pitt's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button because unlike Aniston Pitt is an INTERNATIONAL MOVIE STAR. TCCOBB went on to earn over $330 MILLION WORLDWIDE - nearly $80 MILLION more than Marley & Me and $160 MILLION more than He's Just Not That Into You.

Now that Aniston has another movie in the opening weekend top 10 I just thought I'd drop by to ask if you still believe that's true that Jennifer Aniston puts more butts in seats than Brad Pitt? Aniston's last movie, Management, couldn't even scare up $1MIL in domestic box office receipts and never even reached $300,000 in foreign sales. It had a whopping worldwide total of just over $1.2 MILLION. Now Aniston is keeping movie-goers away from the theater with Love Happens - a movie that she finished nearly 4 months BEFORE starting work on Marley & Me. The movie cost around $18 MILLION and was unreleased for nearly 18 months after completion. Yet some braintrust at Universal decided to waste an addition $10-15 MILLION on marketing the movie for theatrical release instead of sending it straight to DVD after they saw the box office returns for Management. Call me crazy but throwing good money after bad sounds like a recipe for failure.

I digressed. My point is that Aniston's movies are frequently still-born. Meanwhile Pitt has racked up another hit with Inglourous Basterds. It's yet another movie that the so-called box office experts doubted would do enough business to recoup its production budget. Yet, Inglourious Basterds is headed for a domestic total somewhere around $112-115 MILLION and a worldwide total around $265-270 MILLION. Once again, you can call me crazy, but I think this means that Brad Pitt puts about 10 gazillion more butts in seats than Jennifer Aniston will ever do. Just thought I'd point that out...again.


Had to laugh at the above message. So tell us, Steve-O, how do you prefer your crow -- roasted, fried or fricasseed?


*Hops onto soap box.*
Don't listen to the haters, Mase. You simply made a basic observation based on box office trends that, at the time, was accurate. This person misinterpreted it as a grand assessment on how Aniston will always draw more than Pitt, waxed poetic on how "wrong" you were and is now blowing out a shoulder patting his/herself on the back. Meh. Whatever makes a person feel good about themself.
*Hops off soap box*
Anyway, your dead-on prediction of Beverly Hills Chihuahua when every one else was saying it would crash damn near won me my Box Office League last year. Where was Stacy on THAT one? :D


Rob -

I didn't misinterpret what Steve wrote. He stated that Aniston was outdrawing Pitt at the box office and cited some of the films she'd been in that had done well at the box office. I merely pointed out that the movies he'd mentioned weren't Aniston's movies. She was playing second fiddle to Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey and Vince Vaughn. Any actress on the planet could have filled her shoes and those movies would still have done the same business. People didn't see those movies to see Aniston and the same can be said of the hits Aniston had at the time - Marley & Me and He's Just Not That Into you. Neither of those movies succeeded on the basis of Aniston's presence in them. They succeeded DESPITE her presence in them and neither were marketed as a Jennifer Aniston movie. My position is bourn out by the box office performance of two recent movies that were marketed almost exclusively on Aniston's back - the dreadful Management and the equally awful Love Happens.

Steve was simply wrong, that's all. I just like pointing it out because seeing Jennifer Aniston's ridiculous movies bomb makes me smile. She has got to be one of the least deserving "lead actresses" currently working in movies. The woman simply has zero screen presence and belongs back on TV where her one-note performances and limited range are the romcom norm. I'm also sick of seeing studios waste money funding Aniston's drivel when so many more deserving proejects are scuttled. How many really talented actresses out there aren't getting work because some fool keeps hiring Jennifer Aniston? It's downright scary. Seeing Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston both bomb out on the same weekend should be a clue for studios - stop backing one-trick ponies. In the case of Love Happens I'm also suspicious of Universal agreeing to co-fund this dud. Aniston is great friends with Uni prez Ron Meyer's daughter Jennifer. God knows I certainly can't come up with another reason why Uni wasted $18 MIL plus probably another $20 million marketing on this piece of crap movie.


Did you not see Derailed or The Break Up? She was letter perfect in both of them, was certainly the lead actress those movies and both killed at the BO. I'm not trumpeting her cause or anything, but sheesh, she's not the worst person for a studio to bank on. Management and Love Happens had bigger problems than her.
Oh, and Megan Fox might be the next Angelina, so don't writer her off yet, either.
Either way, I was more criticizing your public display of smugness than your opinion of Aniston. I'd like to see someone leave a comment as long as yours after THEY'VE been wrong, not the blogger.
Will never happen.


As for how many young actresses are sleeping in the streets because of Aniston, the answer is zero. Young actresses are cutting their teeth in indy films, as they should be. Main studios, I'm sure you are aware, prefer to fill their leads with well-known names. If Aniston didn't get the role, another famous actress would, not a young one. A studio releasing romantic comedy would much rather bring on an actress with five Emmy nominations for best lead or supporting actress in a sitcom (including a win for lead actress), a Golden Globe win for actress in a sitcom, a People's Choice (kind of important for BO receipts, no?) for Favorite Female Movie Star, and four straight People's Choice awards for Favorite Female Television Performer, instead of giving the role to an unknown wannabe actress/waitress.
I could be wrong.


When you start looking to deep into things such as "Aniston is great friends with Uni prez Ron Meyer's daughter Jennifer."
I basically says how much of an Aniston hater are you. Aniston works for different studios and there is no reason to believe she beg or used someone at Universal to get this film finance. It was their film and they brought the script to Jen and Aaron and they decided to do it. Jennifer had previously worked for Universal (The break up) and they wanted her for this. Simple as that. BTW it is hilarious how much people say that The break up sold because of Vaughn and then his subsequent films were flops (Clause, Wild west). Four chrismases did good but Reese promoted that film Vaughn didn't even make any press junkets for it. So I guess he needs an actress to sell. LOL!!
Films don't sell because of stars, they help, but it not enough otherwise 'The informant would have been a huge success due to Matt Danon's presence but it was a flop just like the rest of the new releases with the exception of 'Meatballs'.


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