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Terrible script but awesome action scenes and smart marketing. Glad to see this one succeed.


And THAT is why Hollywood is in such poor shape, Adam -- people like you settling for total crap when anyone with common sense knows to avoid this junk like the plague. Support action films with solid scripts and genuine acting talent on display ala Iron Man and Dark Knight.


Cry me a river Judas...wah wah wah. Luckily I live in AMERICA and can support whatever I want.


Hey Steve any tracking numbers on District 9 ?


Spelling America in all caps doesn't make you any more of an American than I am...but it does make you appear to be more of a dullard. Go back to your terrible scripts and awesome action screens, turd.


I have to say that a perfect getaway is underrated as a movie. If you are a conservative you would find something to like in the characters played by timothy olyphant and the actress who plays his girlfriend. She does smoke marijuana in the film but their relationship and how they act does make up for it. He is an american Jedi.

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little bit late in the party :)

well i just recently update win 7, and i also update driver on gt220 from 7.15 to 8.15. and now i experienced first glitch screen then black death screen.

i reboot my pc, this time it happens during welcome screen.

i again reboot my pc in safe mode and went to device manager and roll back the diplay driver.

it works fine but when i try to go in nvidia control panel. i get this message:

The NVIDIA Dispay Panel extension cannot be created.
Possible reason include:
Version mismatch. Reinstalling display drivers may solve this problem.

i have not yet try 8.16 & 9.1.

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This was a little hard for me to piece together. I apologize if I'm misunderstanding any of it.

Sex is a really touchy analogy. Lots of really smart people have gone on at great length about it as a root cause for various things. With the advantage of our current cultural fixation on it, it's not too hard to see that this is terribly wrong. Sex is rather empty and kind of difficult to even pull off without attraction. And attraction is an effect caused by a rather wholistic view of someone. No single value is enough to make you think "OMG, I want, let's run off and SPAWN together!" Sex is not a cause at all, it's the reaction to the effect of being attracted. The root cause is your understanding of the person you're attracted to.

The parallels you're drawing with fantasy make sense to me this way too. The reaction is the power creep. The reaction has to scale in some fashion we can understand based on the original input (not many people would buy a D&D expansion called The Penultimate Guide to Being the Untouchable Godly Overlord of All You Survey, not even if the package included a Hostess twinkie). The root causes are creative impulses and the desire to share them. The effect is the game. The cooperatively told story. Structuring within the story is used to help convey more accurately, to make them easier to understand. Roleplaying games have this in
common with other forms of storytelling. The rule sets, which are unique to gaming, are there to help share the storytelling, because the game master tells the overall story and narrates but the players all tell the story of their characters.


ich kam durch Zufall auf diese Seite und möchte einen netten Gruß hinterlassen. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr auf meiner Homepage auch einmal vorbei schauen würdet! Vielleicht wollt ihr einmal auf Sylt Westerland oder an der Ostsee Urlaub machen?! Wir haben dort sehr schöne Meerblickwohnungen. Vielleicht bis bald einmal!
Herzliche Grüße

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nothing in the world is impossible if you set your mind to do it.

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that's a lot of money for a crapy movie like GI JOE!

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I like how the sdk is shaping up. Are there any plans to make the javafx.ext.swing classes Nodes?

Also, maybe I am just too used to Swing, but why not just use a Grid Panel and some buttons to achieve the same effect? What is the benefit to laying out everything the way you did it? I see what can be done, but not why it is better.

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I like how the sdk is shaping up. Are there any plans to make the javafx.ext.swing classes Nodes?

Also, maybe I am just too used to Swing, but why not just use a Grid Panel and some buttons to achieve the same effect? What is the benefit to laying out everything the way you did it? I see what can be done, but not why it is better.

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and it goes with the floor too.Cool!
I would try that in our house.

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"There have been some high publicity cases recently of very angry white men motivated by strong right-wing views shooting up places and people. Then these very angry white men motivated by strong right-wing views start showing up places and acting all angry. While the conclusion that all angry white men motivated by strong right wing views are going to erupt in violence is faulty logic, you can certainly see where it's coming from, can't you?"

What cases? What the hell are you talking about? There are a hell of a lot more cases of angry young black men killing each other. That happens every day. Does that mean that it is okay to be suspect everytime you see a young black man?

Do you realize what you are saying? You seem to be saying that we need to keep an eye on all of these white guys because you know inside the heart of every white man is an angry terrorist lurking to get out. Gee, profile much?

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