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yeah um i highly doubt the accuracy of this as A) ur a sports blogger and B) theres no source what so ever

Steve Mason

You can doubt the accuracy, but if you look at my track record, you'll see that I'm deadly accurate. And, there are multiple sources. Watch the weekend numbers play out and then get back to me.

Also, check out...






and this...



Jay are you "potterfanjr" on Twitter? If so here is a napkin for you to clean the egg off your face.

Steve Mason is the absolute best in the biz. His predictions are razor sharp and never off by more than 10% up or down.


Hey Steve do uou have any tracking data on District 9 yet ?

Tea Baggin

What about The Orphan?



Why are you doing so few movie blogs lately? I used to read you on Fantasy Moguls. I even suffered through visiting the Big Hollywood website to follow your posts. To give you some context, I think Obama tends to be too conservative and I don't think socialism is such a bad thing, so you can imagine my feelings about the website!

It took me a while but I eventually found your website here and was happy to see movie posts. But seeing so few of them is disappointing. Any chance you could go back to your weekly predictions on Friday and roundup on Sunday or Monday?

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