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What do you think HP6 will end up bringing in? Looks pretty good to get to 300, no?


looks like it will manage 300. Shrek,Tansformers, Pirates and Spiderman have had movies on the lower end grossing 300. Don't know why potter gets stuck at < 300. The first one adjusted for inflation was 370. If you see the avg gross per movie, it is "low" compared to those sequels. Of course having 6 successful movies is really good, but being an HP fan, I would have seen them even if they were not good. So getting fans to watch every movie doesn't look like a big deal. HP fans are soooo faithful(like me). 10 bucks is low enough to spend to see the hogwarts world. wish hp movies could have grossed more.


Thanks a lot dude! one of my best collections is "Harry Potter"
But its sad to hear that the series is going to end by this season, we miss a lot......

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