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Tim Haddock

What's wrong with standing pat. The Dodgers have the best team in baseball. Without Manny they were 10 games above .500. With them, they are a World Series contender. They need bullpen help, not starting pitching help or first base help. They can get a reliable set-up guy or seventh-inning guy for cheaper than Loney.


If the Dodgers want to get Lee AND Martinez without giving up Billingsley or Kershaw (would be stupid anyway, those guys are already awesome) then it would take Loney + McDonald and a few others from the top of the system (Martin, DeJesus, Lambo, Lindblom, Gordon, Elbert--probably 2-3 of those guys). THat seems pretty steep, but adding Lee and Martinez would make the Dodgers the easy World Series favorites.

Jim K

Steve Mason... Come back to Toledo Radio... we Need some quality radio in the morning!!! at least call your replacment and "MASONIZE" him old school!!!

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