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John Albert Rudoff

I used to edit a newspaper in high school. The Sundial. I was saddled with Entertainment, as corrupt as it ever was, and this young kid, Steve Race, ran the Sports dept. to perfection. I was strung in those years, but I remembered all and said little. Today @ 44, I just watch the swindles mount, whuile the honesty decays. I got Cold Turkeyed for these memos. That's why freedom died. & yes, this is sport. Is freedom even possible for me, in this media age? or has corruption gone so deep that even my reality is a fraudulent malipulation. Anyway, I digress & bore

John Albert Rudoff

No, my problem is ever since I was butchered in surgery eight years ago, my life has been a battle between honest medication, and addiction scams. Where's the justice when a Dr. knifes ya worse than a gang member, yet OM Sood gets a mercedes, and I can barely digest food, simply because I invented a certain kinda blog film in the ancint times. Lucky me. The '80s darkness was my failings. The 00s arer almost teens, and nothing has been done, but deferral to the machine at the exspense of the individual. I am proof.

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