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Big B

Great stuff as always, John. I am very excited to see how both teams adjust for game 2. How will they play Kobe? What kind of performance can we get from Bynum again? How does Van Gundy handle the Jameer / Wafer situation?


Do you think that Jerry West was just giving an honest opinion, or was he trying to light a fire in Kobe. If so, let's hear a lot more from Jerry.

I've always said that I would rather have an average player giving his best, than an injured, rusty star, trying to do more than he is physically capable of doing, coming back from an injury. The Alston-Nelson situation is an example of this, and you are absolutely right that the team chemistry Orlando developed on the back of Rafer Alston has been dealt a serious blow. One example of the chess/checkers analogy.

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