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Russell G.

I don't believe it was double-speak. Frank can't tip his hand on the radio because that takes all the negotiation power away from him. Like his answer to John's question about whether the payroll remains the same or goes higher or lower. Well, if he says higher, then every player will want to renegotiate and say I want mine. If he says stay the same, then the public rips that as an indication he won't sign Manny. I think we should quit worrying about what he is GOING to do, and save the criticism for after what he DOES.


Hey Steve I'm trying this blog thing for the first time, can you please let Manny know that his agent is only looking out for one person, himself. I'm an angels fan but believe me the Dodgers are bending over backwards for this guy and his agent is screwing him. Check out my Halos blog at shelby13.mlblog.com thanks Shelby

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